Meditating Buddha

In Angkorian period, the statue of Meditating Buddha Protected by Naga popularly found in Baphuon, Angkor Wat and Bayon styles.

Here is an example, the Buddha Protected by Naga in Baphuon style, 11th century. In particular, the statue depicts both hands of the Dhyana Mudra (meditation gesture), palms facing upward with the right hand on the left. For more details, please take a look at the statue in gallery of 1,000 Buddha images.

This beautiful statue is revealed a great event occurred during the 6th week of his meditation following enlightenment; a torrential rainstorm was unleashed for an entire week. Muchalinda, king of the serpents, emerged and protected the master’s meditation with his body’s coil and his outspread hood until the rain completely stopped.


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