Angkor National Museum will take visitors through the journey back in time from the creation to the highest point of Khmer civilization. Through the use of interactive exhibits, visitors will develop
an understanding of religions and beliefs of the ancient Khmer empire.

"The Gallery of Cambodian Buddhism Reflections"

Gallery of 1,000 Buddha Images

“The Origin of Khmer Empire”

Gallery A: Khmer Civilization

"The Reflection of Khmer's Beliefs"

Gallery B: Religion and Beliefs

“The Great Inventors”

Gallery C: The Great Khmer Kings

"The Heaven on Earth"

Gallery D: Angkor Wat

"The Pantheons of spirit"

Gallery E: Angkor Thom

"The Evidence of the Past"

Gallery F: Story from Stone

"The Fascination of Apsara"

Gallery G: Ancient Costume

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Art Exhibition

The exhibition of DANCING APSARAS by Paskal at Angkor National Museum "DANCING APSARAS" In 1995, when I did my first visit in Angkor (an old dream..) I was amazed by so much beauty and found myself dreaming of this ancient city in the Golden Age, then I had the inspiration of giving color and life to these beautiful apsaras... Today I display this work, hoping you will enjoy and share that feeling. Paskal The exhibition at the Exhibition Hall of the Angkor National Museum and is free to all museum visitors

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1 Apr - 30 Sep 08.30 - 18.00
1 Oct - 31 Mar 08.30 - 18.30

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