Gallery C

Gallery C: Great Khmer Kings

“The Great Inventors”

History shows that there were four particularly notable Khmer kings who made the Khmer Empire one of the world’s greatest civilizations. Let the historical pride come alive through time and the stories of the four great inventors unfold.

  • King Jayavarman II, the king who united the two kingdoms of Tchen-La during the years 802-850 C.E.
  • King Yasovarman I, the king who established Angkor as the capital between the years 889-900 C.E.
  • King Soryavarman II, the king who built Angkor Wat between 1116-1145 C.E.
  • King Jayavarman VII, the king who built Angkor Thom between the years 1181-1201 C.E.